The online version of the Solihull News Homeseeker supplement. Here you can view the newspaper supplement online turning each page or go straight to the page you want. Packed with Solihull properties, you can zoom in on each page to look at more property details.

MORE people in Solihull said that they would prefer for their home to be advertised in the Solihull News, below are just some of the reasons why...

  • MORE COPIES Delivered to 95,000 homes, which is over 20,000 more than any other local newspaper in the area.
  • MORE READERS Read by more people than any other paper in the area.
  • MORE PROPERTIES At an average of 96 pages, Homeseeker is the largest property section of any local newspaper in the area.
  • MORE HOME SEEKERS More people turn to the Solihull News when looking for property than any other local newspaper in the area.
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Source: Publisher Statement April 2008 / JICREG Jan 2008 / BMG Telephone research - Solihull area.